Dr. Deepti Omchery Bhalla

Mohiniyattam Dancer and Carnatic Music Vocalist

Researched Choreographies

Her choreographies include rare and obsolete musical forms and compositions like Shabdachaali, Nritya Prabandham, Vaadil Tura Paatu, Ardha Naarishwara (Malayalam), Samvaada Padam, Daru Varnam , Dundubhi Natyam and so on . Some of these compositions are set to Rare Talas like Guru Jhampa , Muddakku Talam, Triteeya Talam, Raja Vidya Dhara Talam etc.

She has also choreographed some rare Padavarnams and Talamalika Padams. Her knowledge of music has helped her immensely in incorporating various Vaytharees, Chandas from traditional forms like Thullal, Padayani, Mayilpeeli Thookam which have added a new dimension to her style .

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